Fall Detection

Receive immediate alerts when a fall event is detected.

Heart Rate

Receive alerts when the band detects a heart rate higher or lower than a defined range.

Body Temperature

Receive alerts when the band reads a body temperature outside of a defined range.

Lack of Motion

Receive alerts when the wearer has not moved in a defined amount of time.

GPS Location

Location tracking to find a loved one quickly if they have wandered out.

SOS Request for Help

The wearer can push a button on the band to send an alert to a caregiver for help.

Help Make Senior Monitoring Through The Allen Band a Reality

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There are a lot of devices on the market that monitor our aging parents and grandparents and connect them with call centers if they fall or need help.

But the monthly monitoring costs are hard for many seniors to afford and the level of care provided by an impersonal call center can never measure up to the care of family and neighbors.

The Allen Band is he first senior monitoring device designed specifically to allow your friends, family or neighbors to help our seniors when they need it without an expensive monthly monitoring cost.  In fact, the monitoring cost is exactly zero.  For life.

The Allen Band is a device that is worn like a stylish fitness band rather than an ugly pendant.  It monitors heart rate, inactivity, body temperature, GPS position, and has an SOS button the user can press to call for help.

When an SOS is placed or the device detects an event, text messages, emails, and app alerts are automatically sent to family members.  We call them caregivers.  You know your loved ones better than anyone else and you can get them the help they need faster than any call center could possibly deliver.

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