Can I Replace My Life Alert or Medical Alert System With the Allen Band?
Possibly.  The Allen Band works differently than the LifeAlert or MedicalAlert systems do.  If you don’t have any caregivers for our system to send messages to, you might be better off with another device.  It is also important to consider that you might have a monitoring contract with one of these companies.  In most cases the company will not allow you to break your contract until you file a Better Business Bureau complaint.

Why is it Called the Allen Band?
The idea for the Allen Band was born when Allen Schrock suffered a fall at home and nearly died after being on the floor and unable to move for 24 hours.  Allen suffered a slow motion fall from a chair and struck his head on a wall.  He fell on his arms, which quickly went to sleep.  When he woke up he was stuck on the floor, unable to move and unable to clearly speak.  His son, Thor Schrock discovered there was no monitoring device on the market that would have alerted him his father hadn’t moved in many hours.  Allen Schrock beat the odds, survived the fall, and completed a stint in rehab before heading back home.  The Allen Band is named after him and was created by Thor so he could prevent this from ever happening to his father again.

Can I Disable Certain Features?
Yes.  Certain features like WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth can be disabled to extend the battery life between charges.

Is the Allen Band Waterproof?
Yes.  The Allen Band was designed to be waterproof up to 3 meters. That means you can wear it in the bath or the shower, but you should not wear it while swimming or participating in any water sports.

Can I Call for 911 Help From My Allen Band?
No.  When we designed the Allen Band our intent was to make a device that any senior could use.  No small buttons, no touch screen, no unnecessary functions.  While the Allen Band can be equipped with a cellular connection, it is designed to send and receive automated texts only.  Senior users can not use it to generate their own text messages or make calls.  That is why we were able to negotiate such a discount from cellular providers on the monthly cellular service costs.  The Allen Band is designed to help family and friends monitor family and friends.  If you receive an alert that a senior user has fallen and has a heart rate of zero, you should call an ambulance to their location immediately.

Can My Caregivers Customize the Alerts They Receive?
Yes.  Each caregiver can set thresholds to determine under what conditions they will receive alerts.  For example, if a senior user has a heart condition, minor periods of irregular heartbeat can happen quite often.  One caregiver may want to be notified every time there is an irregular heartbeat detected while another caregiver may only want to be notified if the irregular heartbeat persists for 30 minutes or longer.  Each caregiver can set their own alert threshold to filter out false alerts or alerts they are not concerned about.  You know your loved ones better than we do, so we allow you to customize the monitoring of their well-being.

What Happens if I Break or Lose My Allen Band?
The Allen Band comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.  If it stops working because of a manufacturing defect we will replace it for free.  Physical damage or loss is not covered by this warranty.  If the band breaks or the screen gets cracked, that would not be covered.  Accidental damage and lifetime hardware warranties are available at an additional cost to cover these situations.

Can I Sell or Transfer My Allen Band to Someone Else When I am Done With it?
Yes.  You own your Allen Band.  You can sell or give it to whomever you want whenever you want.  When you activate your Allen Band it is permanently associated with your Allen Band account.  If you no longer want to use your Allen Band you can give it to a friend or family member, but the new senior user will need the credentials to your associated Allen Band account to use your Allen Band.  If you do transfer your Allen Band to another person, make sure you delete the caregiver information or your family will get alerts about your friend’s events!

Why Does the Allen Band Use SMS Messaging to Communicate With the Cloud?
When the Allen Band is connected via a Bluetooth connection or using its internal cellular connection it communicates with the cloud monitoring service using text messaging (SMS).  SMS requires very little cellular signal strength which means the Allen Band can communicate with the cloud monitoring server even if the cellular signal is weak.

What if I Move to an Assisted Living Facility?
When a senior user is no longer able to remain in their home families discover that they agreed to a multi-year monitoring agreement with a traditional pendant / base monitoring system that can not be cancelled early.  Because the Allen Band does not charge for monitoring, you can discontinue its use at any time.  If you have caregivers who are paying monthly to monitor your Allen Band, they can cancel their payments by simply deleting their caregiver status from your Allen Band account.  With that said, you can still use the Allen Band to monitor your loved ones while they stay in a care facility.  You can even add a nurse at the facility as a caregiver on your Allen Band account!

What About My Privacy?
We take the privacy of all of our users very seriously.  To help secure your Allen Band data and connection, each Allen Band is assigned a unique hardware ID number.  When your data is transmitted to the cloud monitoring system your personally identifiable information is never transmitted.  For example a typical Allen Band transmission would have your Allen Band hardware ID number and then the readouts it is transmitting.  Our servers are hosted in the United States in a physically secured data center.  We will NEVER sell, loan, lease, or give your name, email address, or personal information to anyone for any reason.

How Do I Recharge the Battery?
We designed the Allen Band to be as easy to operate as possible.  Some senior users don’t have the dexterity to plug small cords into charging ports so we designed a simple magnetic charger cord that automatically attaches itsself to the Allen Band when it gets close to the device.  We also made the cord longer than a normal charging cable so you can charge the Allen Band while you watch TV or read a book.  There is no need to take off the Allen Band to charge it! (Unless of course you want to)

How Long Does the Battery Charge Last?
Our design specifications indicate a battery life of up to 48 hours of continuous use without the need to recharge the Allen Band’s internal battery.  Battery life can be impacted by the communication method you select (WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular) as well as by the use of the GPS functionality.  Features can be disabled in your user account to extend battery life if required.

How Can You Offer Free Monitoring For Life?
The Allen Band is monitored by a cloud monitoring service.  That is a really fancy way to say a computer alerts your caregivers automatically when you need help.  There are no humans processing alerts or making phone calls to a base station.  This is an incredible cost savings compared to human-monitored LifeAlert or MedicalAlert systems.  The initial purchase price of the Allen Band hardware covers all hardware costs.  We allow two caregivers per senior user at no cost, but some families want alerts to go to more than two people.  Those additional caregivers pay $1.00/month each to receive alerts about their loved one and those funds cover the expense of maintaining our servers and security.

What Alerts Does the Allen Band Send to My Caregivers?
The Allen Band is designed to get senior users the help they need when they need it while preserving their privacy and dignity.  In our design we were also mindful to avoid the false fall alarms that can occur with some of the pendant / base systems in the market.  If the Allen Band detects a fall or an unusual period of inactivity it will vibrate on the senior user’s wrist and a message will scroll on the screen asking “Are you OK?”  If the senior user presses the green button no alerts will be sent to family members.  If the red SOS button is pressed or there is no button press within a period of time, an automatic alert will be sent to all caregivers on the account asking them to check in with the senior user.  All events are recorded by the cloud monitoring system and can be reviewed by an authorized caregiver at any time.

How Can I call for Help With My Allen Band?
The Allen Band was designed to be as easy to operate as possible.  There are two main buttons.  One is green and one is red.  If the read button is pressed twice an alert is sent to caregivers that the senior user needs assistance.

What Does the Allen Band Monitor?

The Allen Band is not a medical device, but it is equipped with consumer-grade biometric sensors very similar to those found in today’s 21st century digital pedometers and fitness watches.  The Allen Band uses these sensors to measure:

  • Heart Rate
  • Sudden Motion (like a fall)
  • Body Temperature
  • Lack of Motion
  • Location
  • SOS Request for Help

These measurements allow the Allen Band to detect falls, fevers / hypothermic body temperatures, incapacitated or unconscious users, and irregular heart beat.

What Do I Need to Set Up the Allen Band?
To set up the Allen Band you will need a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10 or a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity.  This is required to set up your Allen Band account and configure your device to use your home’s wireless internet connection. You can always use a friend or family member’s device to set up your Allen Band initially.

How Much Will the Allen Band Cost?
The Allen Band is still under development, but based on our current design specification we anticipate the retail price to be $349.  We will be offering a $50 discount to the first 200 customers who pre-order the Allen Band once it becomes available.  Please sign up for an email alert so you know when the Allen Band is available for pre-order.