On May 7, 2015 we received a final quote on the development of an Allen Band prototype from our Chinese factory.  The total cost of developing 10 prototypes as well as basic apps and cloud monitoring for testing purposes is $22,500.

There will be additional costs involved in developing the software to monitor the Allen Band as well as the server capacity to monitor it.

We are only seeking the funds to develop the prototype. Thor is leveraging his own money and staff to develop everything else.

We all believe in this product and we wouldn’t ask you to back a project that we ourselves are not willing to invest in.

No company has ever attempted to create a device like the Allen Band without tying it to an expensive monthly service agreement.  This project is not about making money or achieving a return on an investment.  We estimate that the Allen Band will sell for $350- $399 as a one-time purchase.  That purchase will include free cloud monitoring for life.