The Allen Band Story

The origins of the Allen Band are rooted in the story of Allen Schrock.  At age 71, Allen suffers from congestive heart failure that required a stint and double bypass surgery.  Heart failure doesn’t get better and he hadn’t been living a very “healthy” lifestyle to begin with so some changes were in store.

After a bout of fluid retention that sent him to the hospital and Hillcrest Rehabilitation again, he started playing by all of the rules.  He observed a salt free diet, cut back on alcohol, and did his regular exercises.

Despite this effort, Allen suffered a slow-motion fall from a chair in his home in March of 2015.  He struck his head on a wall and lost consciousness.  When he woke up he was laying on the floor bleeding from his mouth and nose.  He had fallen on his arms which had since gone to sleep. He was not able to get to his feet, sit up or even roll over.

He laid like that on the floor for 24 hours before he was found and taken to the hospital.  In that period of time Allen lost between 40-60% of his body’s muscle mass and the broken down proteins were crushing his kidneys as a result.  The doctors gave him a 33% survival chance.

Allen beat those odds and recovered to go to a rehabilitation facility where he is trying to regain his ability to walk, use the bathroom on his own and do the simplest of things like holding a spoon – All things he could easily do before the fall.

Why Didn’t He Have a Pendant to Call for Help?

The simple answer is that up until that event he didn’t need one.  He was a very self sufficient person who prepared his own meals, took care of his daily needs, and needed minimal supervision.  That all changed in an instant.

After the fall, his son and daughter looked into what they could have done so Allen would have been found more quickly.  What they found was that there is not a system available right now that detects slow motion falls or long periods of inactivity.

That was the moment the idea for the Allen Band was born.  Allen’s son, Thor owns a computer company that builds tablets and other devices.  While Thor was sitting with his father in the hospital he designed the concept of the Allen Band – a device that used 21st century technology that would have been able to detect his father’s situation and call for help in just a few hours automatically.  Finding Allen 20 hours earlier would have prevented the majority of his muscle loss, prevented his kidney damage, and given Allen a better quality of life post-fall.

How Would the Allen Band Have Helped?

If Allen would have had an Allen Band, his fall might have been detected by the band when he hit the floor.  When a fall is detected, the Allen Band vibrates and asks the user to press a button if they are OK.

Allen would not have been able to press a button because he was unconscious.  After a period of time with no button press, the Allen Band would automatically alert the user’s caregivers that there might be a problem.

If the fall was not detected because there was not enough force, Allen would have laid on the floor for a period of time.  The Allen Band would have identified an unusual period of inactivity and would have vibrated and asked if he was OK.  Again, the result would have been an alert.

With the Allen Band, Allen would have been found within four hours instead of 24 hours.  That would have prevented most of his pressure sores and would have minimized his muscle loss.

Why Are You Developing The Allen Band?

If Thor would have been 12 hours later finding Allen, he would have probably been dead.  That’s why he decided to develop the Allen Band.

The Allen Band can save lives.  Many seniors can’t afford the $41.95/month that Life Alert charges. That’s why we are working to develop a device that offers many of the same benefits without the monthly monitoring charges. We want to help bring some peace of mind to our seniors and their families, and Thor wants this device for his dad.

Thor’s father Allen is the inspiration for the Allen Band. As you can see, an undetected fall at home can lead to medical complications that steal quality of life in hours. The Allen Band will help protect your loved ones with no monthly monitoring fees.